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One of the top rated cruise lines for dining experiences and award-winning cuisine, Celebrity Cruises, is back in the cruise industry news. Since 1988, Celebrity has been providing excellent service, ports and attractions to passengers around the world and they recently obtained a revolutionary new culinary experience that is sure to draw in the crowds.


Gourmets, aficionados of food and those that appreciate a good meal have had their palates more than satisfied by exquisite menus that are inspired by the James Beard Foundation, taking passengers on a culinary voyage around the world. Many of the James Beard chef’s personally oversee the delectable menus.

Celebrity established an affiliation with the foundation based on the late James Beard’s philosophy. The foundation remains a key figure in culinary arts from cookbooks to being a training ground for rising talent in the restaurant industry, as well as educating the public about proper nutrition and new trends in cooking.

On a cruise with Celebrity, besides the main dining room, passengers can indulge with several specialty dining options. Recently they  introduced a Specialty Dining Package where passengers can obtain savings by purchasing a 3, 4 or 5 day specialty restaurant voucher in advance.


The cruise line has again decided to team up with the famous television show seen on British cable, “Top Chef.” It seems that the combination of an Emmy award winning reality show and a luxurious cruise line is too tempting for most. This project has obtained widespread approval from fans of cruising and foodies alike.

After the enormous success of the “Top Chef: The Cruise” program in 2013, the idea has clearly paid off as this new scheme is going to be offered on 10 different ships for cruises in Europe, Alaska and the Caribbean.


The program allows visitors to participate in some of that thrilling action that the reality show is well known for with Top Chef’s contestants on four of the ships. The ships featuring the contestants for the TV show will be recorded on the July 27, August 15, September 19 and November 15 sailings of this year.

Lisa Kauffman, VP of Marketing of Celebrity Cruises is very excited by bringing back this program.  “Embodying passion for creativity and culinary excellence, ‘Top Chef’ perfectly complements our already exceptional culinary line-up”

The enrichment program will feature cooking demonstrations and private cooking classes. What makes this so special is that the passengers themselves can join in on the fun and enjoy the thrill of this competition and get some good cooking knowledge at the same time.


In addition, the Quickfire Challenges are going to be available on all 10 ships for passengers to show their talents in the kitchen. There is also a special Top Chef-inspired menu for dining in the evening. The connection between the cruise line and the television show couldn’t be any closer as Celebrity Cruise Lines are well known for their extremely high standards when it comes to cuisine.

Go on a Top Chef inspired cruise this year with Celebrity and gain a whole new menu to try at home. Besides, you will get to see a few destinations along the way in a luxury quality floating hotel.

Written by Veronica Shine