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It is exciting times for the cruise industry. Not only is the market gaining a lot of momentum especially in the run up to spring and summer when the majority of cruises take place but there is also a massive influx of people now taking cruises that would never have considered this option before.

This is partly down to the increased awareness of these holidays and also the fact that they are becoming more affordable to the average consumer and Cruise and Maritime are putting themselves right at the front of this vitalised market.

The first liner to sail under the Cruise and Maritime Voyages name is the 22,000grt Marco Polo which holds over 800 passengers (820 to be exact) and has already been receiving fantastic reviews from those who have sailed on it.

The Magellan is the newest ship to join the Cruise and Maritime fleet and it can accommodate over 1200 passengers. Both ships are being marketed as adult only vessels to some extent with the news that they will only be available to those aged 16 and over.


Cruise and Maritime achieves great customer Satisfaction

Last year 95% of the passengers who sailed with Cruise and Maritime rated their service and the overall enjoyment of their cruise holiday as either good or excellent and this is quite a feat in today’s world.

CMS will be operating all year round to provide ‘no fly’ sailings from the UK and these will operate directly from Tilbury, Hull, Newcastle, Greenock, Liverpool and Edinburgh.

The summer calender will see cruises depart to Scandinavia, the Baltic & Russia, Canary Islands and also the Mediterranean and Iceland too so there will be a wide range of variety on offer for many potential holidaymakers.

The cruise industry itself is on the up and the re-branding and marketing of CMS means that they will be putting themselves in a great position to capitalize on this growing market and expand their client base as well.

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