Cruising Around The Far East

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When asked, many will say that the Far East would be their ultimate cruise holiday destination.

Delight in the region’s unique style of picturesque beaches with ancient temples while sampling cuisine and art all along with thousands of years of rich history and cultural heritage.

Many of these voyages are 7 days or more and typically visit several countries, with one sailing. A cruise holiday can be tied in with a pre-cruise or post-cruise land package making it a total holiday of a lifetime.

Many major cruise lines concentrate on specific areas, such as the South China Sea and/or the Indian Ocean. The choice belongs to you exclusively as to what you fancy and easily become a reality of your imaginings.

You can anticipate exciting excursions within these Far East destinations, with some off the beaten track. A cruise holiday promises to deliver positive memories that will last for years. Take a sneak peek at what’s waiting for you.

Lounge on the white sand of warm, exotic beaches in Malaysia, Bali and Thailand, such as those seen in travel magazines. Touring along the rivers provides an even closer look at foreign and unique cultures. Venture on a “Dragon boat” in the exotic royal city of Bangkok and purchase a trinket from a floating market vendor.

Stop at the Ming tombs along the Great Wall of China or walk within the Forbidden City in Beijing. Stand in the silence in Nagasaki, Japan’s 14th-century Shinto shrine or stroll amongst the setting of “Madame Butterfly” at the nearby magnificent Shimabara Castle.

See the spectacular 6th Century temples carved from rock caves on India’s Elephant Island. Shop at Crawford Market, built by Rudyard Kipling’s father.

Trek through rural villages or photograph an urban jungle’s dramatic skylines in modern metropolises such as Shanghai, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur.

An excursion through the Borneo’s tropical rainforest offers the opportunity to discover a wealth of flora and fauna, as well as animal species such as the clouded leopard, Asian elephants and proboscis monkeys.


Australia beckons with many options for your cruise holiday such as encountering exotic wildlife exclusive to this region alone such as kangaroos, koalas and wallabies.

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is made up of over 3000 reef systems and coral cays swarming with an abundance of marine life that can be viewed either via a glass bottom boat or a diving expedition.

Personally view one of the oldest rock formations in the world of Australia’s Ayer’s Rock which is a sacred site for the Aborigines.

A wonderful place to wander is amongst the carved deep fiords into the coast of New Zealand’s South Island. The Fiordland National Park cliffs soar nearly a mile above its surface and graceful waterfalls plummet into the void.

Amongst New Zealand’s incredible landscapes, other options for adventure seekers allow you to explore a live volcano, visit a petrified forest or hike on a glacier as part of the Asian cruise holiday in Australia and New Zealand.

If these suggestions do not whet your appetite, the best part of cruise holiday is that you will be transported from place to place with superb accommodations, fine fare and great entertainment. Many ports of call on a Far East cruise holiday take place in mostly tropical climates.

That makes cruising in the Far East even more desirable when leaving the cold winds and rain back home.

Written by Veronica Shine