Norwegian Fjords

One location that keeps making headlines in the travel news due to its natural beauty and unparalleled views is the country of Norway. Visitors should be warned however: the Norwegian Kroner is arguably the strongest currency in the world so your pounds won’t go as far as they do elsewhere.

That is why considering a Norwegian Fjords cruise is a great option in seeing the landscapes and popular villages of Norway. Not only does it save you money, it also provides you with the luxury of high quality food, entertainment and much more.

Heading on a cruise holiday will feature the Fjords and some of the inner waterways as well as a first-hand view of the life, culture and history of the land of the Vikings. The essential parts of the Norwegian villages and landscape will be covered.

What can you anticipate on a cruise through the Norwegian Fjords?

A 7-12 day cruise will fit in several ports of call, along with quite a bit of adventure for those daring types. Alternatively, you can simply sit back and take it all in!

Typical Ports of Call


One port that is sure to be on the itinerary is the “Gateway to the Fjords” that is Bergen. This overture of the fjords is the second largest city in Norway and yet it personifies a small town reputation. Along the harbour sits its cosy charming buildings that reflect its mirrored image in the waters of Bryggen Warf.

Bergen is actually built into a fjord and offers some of the most memorable views of the snow-capped mountains and other nearby fjords.  In association with its stunning scenes, the town has earned a spot on UNESCO’s list of the world’s most valuable historical and cultural places worthy of preservation.



Flam holds the longest and the deepest fjord in Norway with vast network of hiking trails. Take the opportunity to be suspended between the rocks and the sea by hopping aboard the railway from the village and heading up into the clouds. Flam also has a brewery with some of the best beer in the entire country.



The Geirangerfjord is yet another port of call that will make a lasting impression. It has not only stunning mountain glaciers but has an enormous amount of waterfalls. Here you will find every formation imaginable from minuscule flows to monster-size gushers of water tumbling down the 2,000 feet of rock known as the Seven Sisters waterfall.



Hammerfest is the most northern town that cruise ships will go to right outside of the Arctic Circle and the land of the midnight sun. The city is also notable as being one of the most environmentally friendly cities in the world. Here, everything is recycled and reused so that there is no damage done to the pristine nature nearby.



Cruises going to the fjords have a short season from May through late September/early October.

Late June to early August is when the weather is at its most stable and warmest with sunny, long and bright days. The spring time is lovely when the orchards are in bloom and the spring thaw is taking place. Autumn brings a festival of colour with reds and oranges and a chill beginning to set in.


Nearly every major cruise line has a ship that will have an itinerary through Norway. Cruise lines include Cunard, Fred Olsen, Holland America, MSC, P&O and Royal Caribbean amongst others.

Some ships will begin the journey out of Copenhagen, Rotterdam, Oslo or even Southampton.

Nothing can quite create a unique experience for any traveller as a Norwegian fjords cruise holiday. The fjords present a combination of nature at its best by including plenty of views of glaciers, waterfalls and gorges.

Written by Veronica Shine