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Egypt is a country that has been popular with tourists and holidaymakers for years. It holds a certain fascination and not just in a historical sense either even though it is known for its rich and cultured past that generally draws in people from all over the world.

If you are hoping to visit Egypt this year then perhaps the best way to see everything in such a short space of time is with Discover Egypt on one of our nile cruises.


Our holidays are quite flexible dependent on how long you wish to go for, how much you want to see while you are there and also your budget. Indeed, one of the best ways to see Egypt is to cruise down the Nile as most of the country’s sights can be seen from one of the most famous rivers in the world. So what can you actually see on one of these cruises?

Well you will definitely get the opportunity to view everything that Egypt is famous for. This includes the likes of the Pyramids, the Temple of Horus in Edfu and the city of Luxor. These are just a handful of the many famous sights and attractions that have a special historical and cultural significance, not just to Egypt, but to the world.

While sailing gently down the Nile you will also get to witness what we could deem as the ‘real Egypt’. Villages and lifestyles that have barely changed for the best part of a few millennia and this is often something that brings people back to the country time and time again.

Your cruise ship itself will be another highlight of your time in Egypt. Our vessels are fully equipped with all the amenities that you would find in any good hotel and you will not be without something to do for the time that you spend on the boat itself. Most will offer nightly entertainment as well as facilities such as a swimming pool, plus a bar and restaurant.

If you are serious about wanting to see Egypt and all that this fascinating country has to offer then a Nile cruise or cruise and stay is definitely a great way to go about it.

Not only will you get to see the famous attractions and some of the less known ones too, but you can do all of this and explore the country while being effortlessly taken to each location as guest’s of Discover Egypt.

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