The Ultimate Dining Package From Norwegian

Moderno Churrascaria

The innovative corporation behind Norwegian Cruise Lines were the first to introduce the concept known as “FreeStyle Dining”. The testing results were an instant hit and put into place on the entire fleet.

Many past passengers considered the FreeStyle concept one of the most popular elements on their cruise holiday.


Today, all the Norwegian Cruise Line ships offer an open-seating policy which allows a passenger to dine whenever they wish in a 5:30 to 10pm window for dinner. Pre-assigned tables were no longer set up for those who didn’t want this flexible option.

The formality of dress was eliminated although management frowns upon jeans, shorts and tank tops.

FreeStyle Dining works well for families, groups and anyone who wishes not to be tied down for eating at a set time. When first introduced, the program pertained to a separate section in one or two main dining rooms.


The next step was to initiate a specialty restaurant. Originally, a more refined Italian/Continental restaurant was set up, whereas guests made a reservation for a meal that would exceed their expectations with a cover charge.

Today, the entire Norwegian fleet including the brand new Getaway has at least six alternative specialty restaurants serving food that’s on a par with all the very best of the competition.

Succeeding and becoming the talk of the cruise industry, it was only a matter of time that other cruise lines took notice and followed suit. It is now commonplace to see a few specialty restaurants on nearly every large ship.

Normally, specialty restaurants carry a cover charge, which ranges from £6 to £15 per person. If you wish to try a new dining experience everyday that certainly raises the on-ship expenditure.


The company has decided to introduce a revolutionary new system that is virtually guaranteed to increase the standards on the ships. This system consists of a dining package that lets passengers save the cover charge on the specialty restaurants on board.

The dining package, known as the Ultimate Dining Package, is sure to reduce attendance at the buffet as it allows the restaurants to become more affordable for all.

For only £36 (59 USD) on sailings from 3 to 6 day cruises, guests can eat at any restaurant of their choice. The total pre-arranged costs rise on a seven day journey to approximately £73 (119 USD).

Cagneys Steak House

Prices rise accordingly to the number of days over a week depending on how long the cruise is, but its well worth getting the opportunity to experience some of the best food on the sea without breaking the bank.

No foodie will be disappointed at the selection of venues. To get a taste of what each restaurant serves beforehand, take a walk around on embarkation day, when each one offers food samples.

The huge choice runs from Italian to Tex-Mex and more. A few examples of the type of dining facilities that the package includes are the romantic French/Continental restaurant called “Le Bistro” and a Norwegian signature favourite “Cagney’s Steakhouse”. The Brazilian-style barbeque “Moderno Churrascaria” and the Japanese hibachi-style restaurant “Teppanyaki” will provide a feast to remember.

Le Bistro

This package deal does not apply to the 5-star Ocean Blue and a la carte restaurants such as the sushi bar and the noodle bar. However, a 20% discount will be applied to whatever is ordered in any of those venues.

This package can be purchased prior to sailing at the time of booking or on board the ship during the first and second day of your cruise holiday.

Written by Veronica Shine