Hawaii is perhaps best known for being a top notch cruise destination, beginning in the early 2000s when Norwegian Cruise Lines set up a series of 7 day excursions leaving from Oahu. Other major cruise lines such as RCCL and Cunard stop on the islands but NCL cruises does this 52 weeks a year.

Cruise holidays have swelled in popularity in the Hawaiian Islands, especially amongst families and honeymooners. Discover Hawaii’s own extraordinary gems.

Big Island

From such awe inducing sights like glistening waterfalls in Wailuku River State Park to a rain forest preserve in Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden, the Big Island of Hawaii has something for everyone.


This is the place to experience active and bubbling volcanoes which are increasing the land mass each day at the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Even the sand will manage to amaze visitors, as it shows up in a variety of colours from black to green to even golden yellow.

Akaka Falls State Park contains a deep gorge into which the tallest waterfall on the island plunges.

Kona is known for its splendid diving, featuring beautiful coral reef structures and lovely tropical fish of all colours. It is also home to fertile volcanic soil and is filled with coffee plantations.


Known as the jewel of the Pacific, Kauai has been featured in several famous Hollywood films such as “South Pacific” and “Pirates of the Caribbean.” There’s plenty of flora, fauna and waterfalls on Kauai.  Make the most of this cruise holiday post of call by soaring like the albatross from the sky with a helicopter tour. You’ll get to see what the fuss is about.

Kauai Hawaii

The Napali Coast State Park is a rugged mountain coastline that is best viewed by helicopter. The moving terrain is something you will never view elsewhere and create a lasting memory.

Visit the peaks of Makana Mountain in Ha’ena State Park. The mountain is perhaps best known for the scenes where Jack Sparrow made his escape at the end of “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” film. The park also offers whale sighting outings.


When thinking of Maui, one automatically conjures images of high surf beaches. There’s plenty of other activities available for a cruise passenger.

Try a bike tour from the summit of Haleakala, known as the world’s largest dormant volcano. Take a dip in the crystal clear mountain pools of Oheo Gulch, in Haleakala National Park. These pools were once thought to be The Seven Sacred Pools. Waterfalls and cascades feed into the pools.

Maui Haleakala

The Hawaii Nature Centre in Iao Valley is Hawaii’s natural history in a museum setting with the highlight of a rain forest walk.

Other things to do in Maui are touring the 120-year old Sugar Mill at Kahulu or head to Banyan Tree Park to observe the making of traditional canoes.


The cruise will commence in Oahu, so add extra time with the pre or post cruise holiday here. From the very first step on land, a warm welcome is customary with lei greeting and sets the mood for an extraordinary holiday far from home.

Beaches throughout Oahu present amazing underwater adventures, thrilling water-sports along the shore and heavenly views.

Massive waves can be located on the coast on the North Shore of Oahu and this area draws surfers from around the world.

Waikiki was once the playground for Hawaiian royalty and bordering it, is the landmark Diamond Head. This is a crater created by eruptions from the now dormant Ko’olu Volcano. It presents a rocky terrain but is an easy walk for both the elderly and children.

Diamond Head Waikiki

Experience the magic of all of Polynesia at the Polynesian Cultural Centre.  The centre offers IMAX films, leisure canoe tours and Pacific Island history.

A cruise holiday is the best way to see as much as possible as there’s no packing and unpacking as there would be with a traditional land tour. Just step onboard and be transported to the best of Hawaii each day.

Written by Veronica Shine