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Swan Hellenic have been defining the art of adventure and discovery cruising for over 50 years. Each of their cruise itineraries are wholly unique, cultural experiences which combine popular tourist cities and attractions with smaller, more intimate ports of call.

This cruise line has won a great number of awards for its different style of cruising and continues to grow in popularity with both new and repeat passengers.

An exciting and unrivalled programme of tailor made shore excursions is included in the price passengers pay for their holiday. Excursions are accompanied by experienced and dedicated staff, including those who have planned your cruise to the last detail.


They have a long established and celebrated guest speaker programme which provides passengers with the chance to enjoy a lecture on board by day. Speakers from the world of explorations, gastronomy, business and even renowned artists and authors come aboard to impart their knowledge and wisdom to passengers through exciting and informative lectures and talks.

Other entertainment options on board by day include painting, singing and writing workshops, yoga, tai chi and pilates classes or find yourself getting lost in the pages of a great book in the extensive library.

By night you can enjoy fine dining, classical concerts and other forms of live music. You can choose to dance the night away with your partner to a jazz ensemble in one of the areas on board. However you decide to spend your evenings on board, they are sure to be entirely unforgettable.

Cruising with Swan Hellenic gives you open seating dining options which mean you do not have to adhere to a set schedule and can simply choose to eat when you are ready, or when you feel hungry.

This also means you are free to choose just how you spend an evening on board and can decide to have an extra drink before dinner to enjoy the company of new friends you’ve just met on board.

When you do decide to dine on board you will receive impeccable service from their staff and enjoy delicious gastronomic delights from the on board kitchens.

The fact that Swan Hellenic is a very small brand, which has only one ship in its fleet, MV Minerva, means that they can truly offer personalised service to their passengers. The Minerva can hold only 350 passengers meaning that you will soon to be able to get to know your fellow cruisers.

Watch the Video: MV Minerva’s Refurbishment

It also means that the staff will know you by name soon enough and quickly learn your personal preferences, from your favourite wine with dinner to what you like to eat for breakfast. Surely that is the ultimate luxury of small ship cruising.

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