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When one says the word “cruise”, the immediate thoughts are that of the Mediterranean and the Baltic areas aboard a mega-ship. But the thing you should know is that there’s another type of cruise that is quickly growing in popularity and offered through our services.

Tendering nothing less than high quality and value, The River Cruise Line presents a river cruising experience that allows you to see more sights that might otherwise be missed by touring another way.

Our vessels including the mps Amsterdam(pictured below) ensure high standards, and are smaller and more intimate with a relaxed atmosphere. Some of the Staterooms even have panoramic windows offering spectacular views so you won’t miss a thing even from your cabin.

mps amsterdam

Casual dining with two buffets for breakfast and lunch will never a have long queue. A sit down four course meal for dinner is standard. For us early risers, tea and coffee is available at the crack of dawn. There’s no need to worry about missing a meal either during noon time sightseeing. The galley provides you with a packed lunch to take along. Each evening, there’s on-board entertainment.

Experience the scenery and cultures of as many countries as you choose aboard vessels such as the Lady Anne and the Amsterdam.


When you book The River Cruise Line with one of our specialists, you will obtain so much more than a cheap river cruise. We are proud of our business and we believe that nothing beats our personal service for our clients. We are passionate about making sure our customers are happy and our repeat cruisers are assuring our continued success.

We are the top tour operator that specialises in a wide selection of European river cruises that are flexible, cost efficient and more personal. No matter which of the itineraries you choose, we will deliver many scenic stopovers along the way.

The Rhine, Moselle, Rhone, the Danube, Seine and Main Rivers are rich in history and folklore and are exceptional wine regions.

river rhine

The Rhine River is overall a smart way for you to see Germany, France and Switzerland with an array of excursions to all points of interest.

We can arrange a cruise on the Dutch waterways around the IJsselmeer and its tributaries. Filled with surprises, you will discover the Netherlands has some hidden away medieval towns, forests and of course great cheese factories.

Strauss waltzes play in your head when sailing on the Danube River. Budapest and Vienna are even more beautiful when approaching on one of our Danube cruises.

The River Cruise Line provides the smart way to holiday on the continent. Our great customer service and selection of river cruises furnish a rich experience, picture perfect opportunities and everlasting memories for you.

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