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What is it that you really want to get out of a cruise holiday? Obviously relaxation and the chance to see some amazing cities but is it just about getting away or do you actually want to learn about the places you are going to?

With Voyages of Discovery you get the chance to immerse yourself in some exotic and fascinating destinations that other cruise lines are unable to offer.

This companies ship is smaller than your usual massive mega liners that you often see come into port, it holds around six hundred passengers and this offers a much more personalised and humble experience.

What it also means is that although the ship is small and is well equipped to safely tackle the ocean waters, it can also slip into some of the smaller ports that other cruise ships cannot giving you a much better chance of seeing some ‘out of the way’ attractions and sights.


We mentioned earlier about immersing yourself in the places that you visit and this is what is on offer here. Rather than putting you on a guided tour operated by some local company, this cruise company has its own lecturers as well as historians who give you some fascinating talks and tours into the places that you will visit: the locations include The Baltics, The Americas, The Black Sea and The Mediterranean among others.

Indeed in the past, the company have been voted as the Best Niche Cruise Line and also the best company for providing lectures about the destinations they visit.

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The ship – mv Discovery is renowned for its facilities and offers fantastic dining services, on board health treatments as well as well-rounded entertainment options that focus on quality rather than quantity.

If you are looking for a cruise company that really gives you an insight into the places that you are visiting then Voyages of Discovery can provide this.

An award winning cruise company that prides itself on offering a complete but personal service which can be hard to find on other lines but this is exactly what you get and picking your destination should be your only difficult choice.

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