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Choosing a holiday is a big decision, holidays are usually a highlight of everyones year that we work hard for and look forward to for weeks and months in advance. Before deciding to book a cruise on board Aegean Odyssey passengers will want to know the history and philosophy behind Voyages to Antiquity.

It is not simply for the amateur person with an interest in history, or the professional historian, but it is something for everyone who simply wants to understand the history, art, culture, myths and architecture of the ancient world.

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A cruise with this company aims to afford it’s passengers an insight into the origins and history of western civilisation. The journeys are not simply about history, however. They are also concerned with learning about and viewing awe inspiring archaeological treasures and some of the most striking scenery in the world. You also get to experience the amazing tastes of food and wine of the Mediterranean.


Each and every one of the cruise itineraries have been meticulously planned by the Voyages staff in conjunction with Lord Norwich and other noted and well respected historians. They frequently plan for overnight stays in port which allow passengers to have after-dinner strolls ashore. Sometimes the best way to experience a port of call is by night when the sun has gone down.

Just one of the benefits of a cruise with this line is that normally all shore excursions in major ports are included in the price of your cruise holiday. However, there will be some places where certain specialist excursions will be provided for a supplementary cost.

Sightseeing itineraries are exciting and memorable, but can often be strenuous and physically demanding so a reasonable fitness level is required to ensure you can take part. Of course, there are times when passengers may wish to take a break from intensive sightseeing and that’s not a problem.

After all it’s your holiday so you should be able to decide. Their shore excursion brochure which is readily available details the level of walking and physical activity that is required from passengers on any given date. This means you can accurately decide whether a cruise with Voyages to Antiquity is right for you and your travel companions.

One thing is for sure, if you decide to embark on a cruise with this line, it’s sure to be a trip of a lifetime and you will learn more about the history, establishment and cultures of the Western Mediterranean than you ever could on a mass-market cruise.

Their aim is really to provide you with knowledge and information to allow you to leave feeling far more informed than when you first embarked on your cruise.

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