Welcome to the About2Cruise Blog

Hello, Happy New Year and the very warmest of welcomes to the brand new About2Cruise blog!

From now on this little space is the place where you’ll be kept you up to date with the latest cruise news and information as well as stories, tips and pictures from different ports of call around the world.

This blog will be written by me, Emma Gray, of Emma’s Travel Tales and Emma On Board. I’m something of a cruise expert, having been lucky enough to have sailed on thirteen different cruises in the past nine years and no plans to give up cruises anytime soon.

I’m passionate and enthusiastic about cruises and believe there’s no better way to experience many different places within a relatively short space of time. The best part is the fact that you only have to unpack once!

It’s my aim with this blog to be able to share my passion for cruise holidays with you all. Hopefully I’ll be able to answer any questions you might have about anything cruise related, from what to pack to what the food will be like on board.

I’ll be writing posts about on board features I love (and there are many), my favourite cruise ports (I have quite a few of those too!), some of my favourite meals at sea and much, much more.

With my posts about cruise holidays I hope to inspire and whet your appetite for cruises, especially if you haven’t ever cruised before. I plan to have you questioning how quickly you can get yourself out of your everyday life and work and firmly planted on a comfortable deck chair on deck watching the waves pass by.

So, I hope you’ll join me to embark on a blog filled with all things cruise!

Thanks Emma