What’s Your Excuse for not Booking a Cruise?

cruise excuses

A holiday at sea is one of the most economical and enjoyable holidays in the entire travel sector. However, often, people don’t want to go on a cruise for a variety of reasons, but the excuses just don’t add up!

Travel agents say that they have heard it all before but certainly understand the concerns from their clients.

Below is a compilation of objections and replies supplied by our featured agents.

“It Costs Too Much”

Cruise holidays have often been cheaper than traditional land based holidays due to the fact that many essentials, such as food, board and entertainment all come included in the price. Although there are other optional services, you can still have a great time with all the complimentary items onboard. You could also skip the tour excursions and get into the city by yourself either by taxi or sometimes there may be a complimentary bus service.

Also be sure to book through a cruise agency who can often beat the cruise lines price and may even offer a cabin upgrade or onboard spending money.

“It Can Be Too Crowded”

Many people have the notion that a cruise ship is more like a sardine can, packed with passengers to the extent where you can’t breathe. This couldn’t be further from the truth as most ships are so large that there’s always a spot for privacy. It all depends on what time you choose to do things: if you head towards the poolside in the afternoon particularly on days at sea, it can get very crowded. But if you go swimming later on in the day, there will be less people.

 “I’m Worried I’ll Eat Too Much”

The buffet can be extremely tempting and passengers certainly don’t want to miss out on trying everything. There are fun ways and an enormous amount of options to make sure you remain trim while on the ship. Almost all major lines have onboard state-of-art fitness centres in the spa section of the ship. Many have jogging tracks with organised morning runs sometimes available.

“I’m Afraid I Will Get Seasick”

Cruise ships are so large and elaborate that the effects of seasickness aren’t as prominent as they would be on smaller ships or in the past. The ships have stabilisers on them to keep them from rocking if the sea gets rough. However, the easiest solution if seasick is still a concern is to pack some special medication such as Dramamine.

“I’m Fearful of a Rogue Wave”

Although they are extremely rare, rogue waves are still something to be concerned about. However, if you are nervous about this fact, just remember that percentage wise you are more likely to get hurt on the roads or in an aeroplane. In addition, there are many special safety precautions that will ensure the protection of all passengers. For your first cruise experience, it is suggested to take the plunge with a shorter duration itinerary in seas that are known to remain calm.

“I’m Concerned That There’s Nothing to Do When Not in Port”

Nothing could be further from the truth! There is always some sort of activity to do whilst onboard. This can range from the elaborate stage productions and gaming tables to bowling and even rock climbing. Shops are jammed packed and there are many enrichment programs or fun activities such as trivia quizzes and contests to keep you busy during sea days.

 “There’s Not Enough Time At The Port of Calls”

Although you may prefer to stay longer in each port, think of the ports of call as a sampler. The port that turns out to be your favourite can always be returned to for a full in-depth visit on your next holiday away.

There are probably many more excuses than mentioned here but the doubters just need a little more convincing!

Written by Veronica Shine