Tyne Bridge Newcastle

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The cruise industry really is growing at a much faster rate than any other holiday sector and a substantial amount of people are taking a cruise every year from the UK. Indeed that number is expected to rise again this year as the price of cruise holidays come down due to more ships being built and the economic climate.

One popular location to depart from on a cruise is Newcastle and in this article, we will look at the port itself and also the benefits of cruising from this city. The port is an important one as it is in a strategic position to service the north-east of England and it handles millions of tons of cargo every year.

Newcastle itself is an interesting place. If you are going to cruise from Newcastle then it is recommended that you get there a day or so earlier than the date that your ship leaves so you have an opportunity to see some of this magnificent city as well.

It has transformed itself in recent years with a lot of renovation work and is now a bubbling metropolis so make sure you check out the iconic Tyne Bridge as well as the city’s Quayside.

Accommodation in the city is reasonable as well with a good range of hotels and even the good old Bed and Breakfast!

Getting to the port is easy enough if you are driving as it is well sign posted (NE29 6EE is the postcode if you are using a Sat Nav) however if you are arriving in the city centre via another route then your best bet is to get the metro to the port which goes straight from central station or, if you are in a hurry, a taxi which will take around 20 minutes to get there.


If you are thinking of taking a cruise that is leaving from Newcastle then you will want to know where it actually departs to. The Baltics and Scandinavia are the most popular locations that leave from this city given its geographical position.

This can give you a great chance of checking out some of the most beautiful places on earth including the Norwegian Fjords which are constantly being ranked as one of the most stunning sights to see.

Newcastle is ever changing and it is proving to be a very popular leaving point for those who live on England’s east coast. The fact that it is the only major port between Harwich and Leith means that it serves its purpose as an important location for the economy and if you get the time then do stay a day or two in the city.

Cruise lines that sail from Newcastle include Fred Olsen Cruises and Cruise & Maritime Voyages with other major lines using the port as part of different itineraries.