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Known originally as Lauro Lines, MSC Cruise Line is a division of the Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A. and can boast a venerable tradition of journeys at sea.

Currently headed by Gianluigi Aponte, the company has been entertaining cruise passengers on some of the most famous cruise routes in the world for over 20 years now and the MSC Cruise Line expertly manages to combine an historic sea faring tradition with a young and ambitious company outlook and philosophy that puts it at the forefront of the global cruise industry.

The trips that you experience with MSC Cruises are strongly European in nature and this is not just reflected in the wide diversity and range of languages that are used in passenger announcements and text on the ships themselves. Indeed, MSC Cruises still display their Italian heritage with pride and the fine dining that is associated with the company is no more evident than in their strongly Mediterranean based menu’s and restaurants.


MSC cruises also believe strongly in the comfort and relaxation of the passenger and this belief is clearly present in the facilities aboard the magnificent vessels; the Aurea Spa’s offer a vast variety of soothing and wellbeing enhancing treatments and the famous MSC Yacht Club offers cruise passengers the ultimate luxurious and personal service.

Watch the Video: The Spa & Sport Video on MSC Magnifica

Indeed, whether it is though the Yacht Club or as an ordinary cruise passenger, MSC Cruises are committed to ensuring the comfort, happiness and enjoyment for their passengers as well as aiming to deliver the highest possible service and hospitality on cruise ships today.

Furthermore, the MSC Cruise Ships have earned several awards over the years and have been recognized as one of the highest standard of cruise lines when it comes to passenger safety and wellbeing.

Bureau Veritas, a world leader in conformity assessment and certification, gave the cruise company 6 Golden Pearl’s (an unprecedented number) due to its commitment and environmental solutions; MSC Cruises now has among the lowest pollution statistics of any cruise line and received the highest certification in 3 different categories: Environment ISO 14001, Health & Safety OHSAS 18001 and Food Safety ISO 22000.

The routes that the company takes strongly reflect its diverse clientele with the Caribbean journeys aimed towards its North American passengers while the sailings around the Mediterranean attract more European patrons however the fundamentals of first class hospitality and unequaled service exist throughout the company.

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