Cruising With The Family

Kids swimming

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Let’s play a game! Quick, what are the first three things that come to your mind when you hear the word ‘cruise’? If you’re like the average person, those three things are usually ‘food,’ ‘formal dining’ and ‘food.’

It has been ingrained into our subconscience that you need to pack formal clothing and lose a few pounds before the cruise, so you can gain them back (and more) from all the awesome food on cruise ships.

Sure, there are all those fun port excursions too, but we have been trained to think that cruise ships are for adults. This has been a deterrent for those of you with a family to think about.

You probably thought you would have to wait for your kids to grow up before you could take a cruise. Nothing could be further from the truth. There’s a whole new world in store for those of you looking for this type of holiday.

First of all, if you’re thinking ‘family cruise’ means someone will babysit your children for a few hours while you have some down time, and then for the rest of the journey you will be in charge of entertaining your kids, then you need to continue reading to learn what a family cruise really is.


There are several key ingredients necessary to experience the perfect family cruise holiday. First and foremost, as a parent, you’re most likely concerned about your child’s safety and well being in the hands of strangers. No worries, that’s all taken care of for you. On a family cruise, the family staff members are all experienced in child care, and CPR certified, so take a deep breath and relax.

Secondly, your children will not be lacking in the department of fun. They won’t be sitting in front of a TV, or stuck sitting in a corner somewhere while you are having some free time. In fact, they might even be having more fun than you are!

Here are just a few fun things your kids will be doing. Most cruise ships offer supervised games, T-shirt painting, travel scrapbooking projects, storytelling, magic shows, treasure hunts, root beer float parties at the pool, sandcastle competitions, pajama parties, water slides, camp-outs with tents and flashlights and much more.

And some of the ships have activities specifically tailored to your child’s age group, which includes ages ranging anywhere from 3-17 years old.

With all the planned activities, you never have to worry that your children will be bored.

So whether mums and dads decide to take some time for themselves with massages, karoake, fine dining, working on your tan by the pool or spending some time in the casino, or instead opt to spend some fun family time with the kids, it’s all good.

There are activities the whole family can do together, and with the added option of allowing the kids to have some fun time of their own, what do you have to lose?