Glacier Bay

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There’s nothing like a breathtaking journey into the heart of Alaska to see nature the way it was intended. On an Alaskan cruise you will see the largest gathering of bald eagles, the biggest grizzly and polar bears in the world and more humpback whales than you can fit in a wide-lens camera view.

Any scenic tour can brag about deer, but here you’ll find the motherload – a teeming supply of moose and caribou wandering in the woods and even meandering down the streets of Alaskan cities!


Alaskan Cruises have much more to offer than just the glaciers, mountains, fjords and scenic coastal islands you’ll observe from the ship. If you can extract yourself from the fabulous gourmet food offerings onboard, you’ll discover that the excursions offer a chance to see the land that time forgot. Here are just a few tempting itineraries:

College Fjord: A parade of glaciers await your attention here. In fact, nowhere in the world will you witness such an array of ice traveling down from the mountains, creating a new world at every turn. The harbour seals and sea otters here will capture your imagination.

Glacier Bay: You won’t find a higher collage of tidewater glaciers anywhere else on the planet and the most hauntingly beautiful backdrop of spruce trees and hemlocks doesn’t hurt either. Rocky slopes along the snow-covered Takhinsha Mountains set off an azure glow making memories that will last a lifetime.

Haines: Go and see the sunny skies and teal blue waters in Haines, along with the friendly Tlingit residents of this ancient city. The tribal legends the Tlingit’s drum up for you will be something to write home about. If you’re up for some vigorous activity, the hiking is sublime, and make sure you stop to wet your whistle at a local tavern for food and folklore.

Icy Strait Point: Serenity and bliss can be found in this piece of paradise. The lush hemlock rainforest and unabashed wildlife offer a stunning array of beauty. Be on the lookout for humpback whales, orca, seals, sea otters and grizzly bears. Several excursions here include whale watching, kayaking, hiking in the rainforest, a historic fish cannery and the ultimate fishing expedition.

Ketchikan: This ancient city tugs at your heart strings with totem poles, quaint arts and crafts and home cooking the old fashioned way. On offer are exciting excursions such as fishing trips, experiencing the sheer granite cliffs from a seaplane, taking off on a jeep adventure through a lush rainforest, or viewing the glaciers from a helicopter.

There are many more day trips on an Alaskan cruise itinerary that will take your breath away. Outings such as gold panning at a historic gold-rush camp, underwater snorkeling among sea stars and urchins, and motorcycle tours along a beautiful cove.

In short Alaska Cruises offer an adventure of a lifetime!