Many regular cruisers are only familiar with traditional contemporary cruises on one of the growing number of crowded mega-ships. You will have a very pleasant surprise when opting instead for a cruise with one of the luxury cruise lines.

Making that leap will reveal the best of everything – the best accommodation, gourmet dining from world renowned chefs, personalised service designed to spoil, and a huge array of unique programs and activities. The atmosphere of not only the public areas on luxury ships but the accommodation areas too provide a memorable experience and fond cruise memories.

A cruise like this still has all of the relaxing activities that make a cruise a cruise. You can still bask in the sun by the pool, swim and workout. What you will also find on luxury cruises are exclusive programs that are special to that cruise itinerary. For instance, on a cruise that includes Rome and Italy you may find a program where you can study the art of the Renaissance. Evenings on board you may find yourself attending a starlight orchestral concert.


Crystal Cruises
An excellent example of the perfect luxury sailing adventure is Crystal cruises.Their ship Symphony boasts a high degree of excellence and service that has dubbed the best in the world by many of their guests. This ship accommodates only 940 passengers and the sister ship called Serenity holds 1080. This makes for a cozy feel to your cruise. It is easy to find little places to get away on board where you can spend a bit of quiet relaxation time.

The excellent service on Crystal Cruises means not needing to tip, no schedules to adhere to, and included wine and spirits all throughout the ship. They have a number of first-rate entertainment opportunities including piano bars, Broadway entertainment and dance clubs.

Itineraries on Crystal Cruises include Europe and the Mediterranean but also to the more out of the ordinary destinations like Antarctica, New England and Canada, South America, Polynesia and Asia.

Yachts of Seabourn
Seabourn is another cruise company that is a leader in the luxury market. Most of their yachts like the Odyssey and Sojourn accommodate around 450 passengers and all cabins are roomy suites.

They maintain the title of “yacht” because, though they are larger than the standard yacht, the onboard experience is the same. They also have three smaller vessels that carry 208 passengers and 135 crew members, allowing for full time personalised service.

There are cruise lines like Windstar that offer voyages on sailing yachts. The ship called Windstar is a streamlined four-masted vessel with 10,000 square feet of teak deck space. Their fleet also includes the Wind Surf, which is the biggest sailing yacht in the world, accommodating 310 passengers.

Luxury cruises tend to have more exotic destinations and itineraries that include places like Australia and New Zealand, Antarctica, Asia and Africa. With Silversea Cruises, you can cruise the world in luxury. Their lavish smaller ships have the advantage of going to smaller and more secluded harbours that passengers on the larger ships never get to see.

Regent Seven Seas
Regent Cruises consider that they are the most inclusive cruise line when it comes to luxury cruising. With no exceptions and no shortcuts, absolutely everything is included. Every amenity is provided with personalised service that will fill your every wish while you travel to places you’ve never been.

The ships of Regent are the Mariner, the Navigator and the Voyager and are so spacious they can offer penthouse suites too. All suites have an ocean view.

They offer a variety of dining and night life choices with superb service throughout the ships.