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Silversea offer authentic luxury. They recognise that luxury is something which is different to everyone and for some it can be as simple as a scent, a texture, an image or a taste that serves to stir the imagination.

For more than a decade Silversea Cruises have continued to offer five star service that is virtually unparalleled the world over. Their attentive and efficient service is complimented by a distinctive Italian style which is inherent in all that they do.

They strive to achieve perfection in order that their guests feel completely at ease. From the moment you step aboard your floating home for the duration of your holiday you will be greeted with a friendly and warm welcome and a chilled glass of champagne. Nothing, no matter how superfluous it may seem, will be overlooked on your cruise holiday.


On board the ships they offer the most expansive suites of their class available at sea. Each stateroom provides a panoramic view of ocean, shore and port through the windows or from their private balconies. 80% of all suites offer a private balcony where you can relax and enjoy the sea air and awe inspiring views.

One of Silversea’s advantages is that there is a premium assortment of complimentary wine, champagnes, beers and spirits offered. The drinks are all included in the price you pay when you book your holiday.

This means you can treat yourself to a champagne toast in your suite before beginning your evening on board, or enjoy a refreshing cocktail as you sail away from a port.

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As well as complimentary drinks offered throughout the ship you will also be welcomed on board with a bottle of champagne in your suite to toast your arrival.

There is also a beverage cabinet in each cabin that is stocked with your favourite drinks for you to enjoy. You are also offered 24 hour room service and even a formal dinner served course by course in the privacy of your suite or on your balcony at no extra cost.

There is also always a full spectrum of entertainment offered on board including everything from classical music performances, jazz ensembles, theatre production shows and moonlight movies in the evenings.

During the day there are informative and engaging lectures by luminaries from the world of gastronomy, famous explorers, world affairs experts, renowned authors, celebrities and even celebrated artists.

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