Operations began in 1994 with just one ship and was the brainstorm of the former Sitmar Cruise owners. They felt that the timing was just right in creating an all-suite luxury liner having fewer passengers then the trend cruising was been heading that bigger was better. Addressing the savvy traveller’s desire for some place new from Accra to Zanzibar was another priority.

This successful formula had Silversea Cruises expand and they now operate thirteen ships. Silversea Cruise’s motto “Every Wish Granted” is certainly applied. Their high crew to passenger ratio is 1:1 which delivers the most attentive service a passenger could ever experience.

🛳️ Pro Tip: Private Zodiac Rides

I always book private Zodiac rides on Silversea’s expedition cruises. It’s awesome because you get your own guide and can explore remote spots and wildlife without a crowd. So cool!

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Silversea offer authentic luxury. They recognise that luxury is something which is different to everyone and for some it can be as simple as a scent, a texture, an image or a taste that serves to stir the imagination.

For two decades now Silversea Cruises have continued to offer 6-star luxury cruise line service that is virtually unparalleled the world over. Their attentive and efficient service is complimented by a distinctive Italian style which is inherent in all that they do.

They strive to achieve perfection in order that their guests feel completely at ease. From the moment you step aboard your floating home for the duration of your holiday you will be greeted with a friendly and warm welcome and a chilled glass of champagne. Nothing, no matter how superfluous it may seem, will be overlooked on your cruise holiday.

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What Makes Silversea Cruises Different and Unique?

The majority of suites on Silversea ships offer a private balcony. On board the ships they offer the most expansive suites of their class available at sea. Each stateroom provides a panoramic view of ocean, shore and port through the windows or from their private balconies. 80% of all suites offer a private balcony where you can relax and enjoy the sea air and awe inspiring views.

One of Silversea’s advantages is that there is a premium assortment of complimentary wine, champagnes, beers and spirits offered. The drinks are all included in the price you pay when you book your holiday.

This means you can treat yourself to a champagne toast in your suite before beginning your evening on board, or enjoy a refreshing cocktail as you sail away from a port.

🛳️ Review:

Maria L. from California. I just got back from my first Silversea cruise, and it was awesome! The crew made me feel super special, and my suite was beautiful with an amazing view. The S.A.L.T. Kitchen was a highlight, with yummy local meals every day. The Wi-Fi was pretty slow at times, which was a bit annoying.

Why Would You Choose Silversea Cruises?

A cruise aboard any one of their ships is truly all inclusive. The fare includes accommodations, a personal butler, tips and drinks, including alcohol and an in-suite bar. Any brand of alcohol, champagne or wine will be stocked at all times in the cabin.

As well as complimentary drinks offered throughout the ship you will also be welcomed on board with a bottle of champagne in your suite to toast your arrival.

There is also a beverage cabinet in each cabin that is stocked with your favourite drinks for you to enjoy. You are also offered 24 hour room service and even a formal dinner served course by course in the privacy of your suite or on your balcony at no extra cost.

There is also always a full spectrum of entertainment offered on board including everything from classical music performances, jazz ensembles, theatre production shows and moonlight movies in the evenings.

During the day there are informative and engaging lectures by luminaries from the world of gastronomy, famous explorers, world affairs experts, renowned authors, celebrities and even celebrated artists.

Pros and Cons

Luxurious, all-suite accommodationsHigher price point
Personalized butler serviceSmaller ships mean fewer onboard activities
All-inclusive fareLimited options for young children
Access to unique, less crowded portsLess variety in entertainment compared to larger ships
High crew-to-guest ratioLimited availability due to smaller fleet

Fleet Overview

Ship NameCapacityLength (ft)Year BuiltHighlightsInternet Cost
Silver Cloud254514.11994Ice-class ship, luxury expeditionIncluded
Silver Wind274514.11995Refurbished for polar explorationIncluded
Silver Shadow388610.72000Spacious suites, high crew-to-guest ratioIncluded
Silver Whisper388610.72001World cruise ship, elegant designIncluded
Silver Spirit608642.12009Largest suites, diverse dining optionsIncluded
Silver Muse596698.82017Enhanced luxury, multiple dining venuesIncluded
Silver Moon596698.82020S.A.L.T. culinary programIncluded
Silver Dawn596698.82021Otium wellness programIncluded
Silver Origin1003312020Galápagos-focused, expedition luxuryIncluded
Silver Endeavour2005392021Ice-class for polar expeditionsIncluded


Luxurious cruise ship sailing in a scenic arctic

New Ships

Silversea has some cool new ships on the way! The Silver Nova, which launched in summer 2023, has an innovative design with a bunch of eco-friendly features. It holds 728 guests and offers top-notch luxury cruising​.

Next up is the Silver Ray, debuting in summer 2024. It will have similar features to the Silver Nova, including some fancy new suites like the Signature Suite and Master Suite, which offer amazing views and comfort​.

Another exciting addition is the Silver Endeavour. This ship will start offering 27 new voyages in 2024-2025, taking guests to over 125 remote destinations like Antarctica, the Arctic, the British Isles, and Iceland. It’s designed for polar exploration and keeps up Silversea’s high standards of luxury and service.

Adult or Family

Silversea Cruises primarily caters to adults seeking a luxurious and serene cruising experience. While not specifically a family cruise line, it does offer select voyages and accommodations suitable for families with older children. The focus is on creating an elegant and tranquil environment, making it an ideal choice for adults and families looking to immerse themselves in unique destinations with high-end amenities.


Silversea Cruises is also a fantastic option for solo travelers. The friendly, social atmosphere on board, coupled with a range of activities and smaller ship sizes, ensures that singles feel welcome and comfortable. Special solo traveler fares and social events further enhance the experience, making it easy to connect with fellow cruisers.

Medical Facilities

Silversea Cruises takes your health and safety seriously, providing well-equipped medical facilities on all its ships. Each vessel has a dedicated medical team ready to assist with any health concerns that may arise during your voyage, ensuring peace of mind as you explore the world.

Dress Code

The dress code on Silversea Cruises is elegantly casual by day and more formal by night. During the day, comfortable, stylish attire is suitable for both onboard and ashore. Evenings call for a touch of sophistication, with casual resort wear, informal (jacket for men), and formal (black tie optional) nights. The mix of dress codes allows for a relaxed yet refined ambiance throughout your journey.


One of the many perks of sailing with Silversea Cruises is that gratuities are included in your cruise fare. This all-inclusive approach means you won’t have to worry about tipping staff for their excellent service; it’s already taken care of, allowing you to fully relax and enjoy your time on board.

No-Fly Cruises from the UK

Silversea Cruises offers a range of no-fly cruises departing directly from the UK. These voyages are perfect for those who prefer to avoid the hassle of flying and want to start their luxurious journey as soon as they board. Departing from ports such as Southampton, you can explore diverse and fascinating destinations without ever having to set foot in an airport.

Exotic locations

Most of the itineraries are out of the ordinary and visit destinations that the larger ships just cannot. These ports are often much less commercial and less crowded. Take advantage of the expert on-board travel staff’s in-depth seminars on the destination’s history and places of interest.

🛳️ Review:

Johnathon K. from Reading. I took a Silversea expedition cruise, and it was incredible. The private Zodiac rides let me explore remote spots and see amazing wildlife. The crew was super friendly and knowledgeable. The onboard entertainment was a bit limited compared to other luxury cruises, but all up I’d go again.

The luxurious Silversea cruise ship at sea


Silversea Cruises offers a range of luxurious facilities designed to enhance your onboard experience. Here’s what you can expect:


Indulge in the ultimate relaxation at the onboard spa. The spa offers a variety of treatments, including massages, facials, body wraps, and aromatherapy. With serene surroundings and expert therapists, you’ll find the perfect escape to unwind and rejuvenate.


Stay fit and active during your voyage with the state-of-the-art gym facilities. Equipped with the latest exercise machines, free weights, and fitness classes, the gym caters to all your workout needs. Personal trainers are also available to provide customized fitness plans and support.


For those who enjoy a bit of friendly competition, Silversea Cruises offers various games and activities. From card rooms and board games to shuffleboard and golf putting, there’s always something to keep you entertained. The ship also hosts trivia contests and other social games for guests to enjoy together.


The onboard library is a haven for book lovers. Stocked with a wide selection of books, magazines, and newspapers, it’s the perfect place to relax with a good read. The quiet and comfortable setting makes it an ideal spot to unwind and immerse yourself in a captivating story.

Silversea's luxurious cruise ship interior featuring a serene spa, state-of-the-art gym


Silversea Cruises offers a diverse range of entertainment options to ensure your voyage is as enjoyable as it is luxurious, you can even watch a movie under the starts each evening. Here’s what you can look forward to:


Silversea’s onboard theaters are the heart of evening entertainment. You can enjoy a variety of performances, including live music, theatrical productions, classical concerts, and even lectures by guest speakers. The intimate setting ensures every seat offers a great view, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the show.

Bars and Lounges

The ship’s bars and lounges provide the perfect setting for socializing and relaxing. Enjoy a wide selection of fine wines, spirits, and signature cocktails in elegantly designed spaces. Whether you prefer a quiet drink with a view or a lively atmosphere with live music, there’s a bar or lounge to suit your mood.


For those who love to dance, Silversea offers various opportunities to hit the dance floor. The onboard lounges and bars often feature live bands and DJs playing a range of music, from jazz and classical to contemporary hits. Themed dance nights and parties add an extra layer of fun to your evenings at sea.


While Silversea Cruises is renowned for its sophisticated and serene atmosphere, some ships in the fleet do feature small, elegantly appointed casinos. These casinos offer a selection of games, including blackjack, roulette, and slot machines, providing a bit of excitement and chance to test your luck.

Enrichment programs

Silversea Cruises enrichment programs can be made up of well known authors, celebrity chefs or experts in a particular field that tends to match up with the itinerary. This is a good opportunity to learn more about things you are interested in.

Silversea's luxurious cruise ship interior


Silversea Cruises dining experience onboard is gourmet. Each day, the finest linens, china and crystal will adorn the table. The best part is that most dining options are included in your cruise fare, so you can indulge without worrying about additional costs. Here’s a look at what you can expect:

The Restaurant

The main dining room, simply called The Restaurant, offers a sophisticated and elegant setting for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The menu features a diverse selection of international dishes prepared with the finest ingredients. Open seating allows you to dine whenever you wish, with whom you choose.

La Terrazza

La Terrazza is an Italian restaurant offering both indoor and al fresco dining. Here, you can savor authentic Italian cuisine made with fresh ingredients and traditional recipes. From handmade pasta to delectable seafood dishes, La Terrazza provides a taste of Italy at sea. This dining option is included in your fare.

The Grill

The Grill offers a unique interactive dining experience where you can cook your meal to perfection on a hot volcanic rock at your table. Known for its casual, poolside setting, The Grill is perfect for enjoying a relaxed meal under the stars. This restaurant is also included in your fare.


Seishin Restaurant serves up an exquisite selection of Asian fusion cuisine. From sushi and sashimi to innovative Asian-inspired dishes, Seishin offers a delightful dining experience. There is an additional charge to dine at Seishin, but the quality and variety make it well worth it.

La Dame

La Dame is the epitome of French haute cuisine, offering an intimate dining experience with dishes crafted from the finest ingredients. This elegant restaurant is perfect for special occasions. Dining at La Dame incurs an extra charge, reflecting its exclusive and high-end nature.

Silver Note

Silver Note is a jazz club and restaurant where you can enjoy tapas-style dishes while listening to live jazz and blues music. The menu features an array of small plates inspired by world cuisines. Silver Note is included in your fare, providing a delightful combination of gourmet dining and live entertainment.


Atlantide is a sophisticated bar and grill that offers a menu of expertly prepared seafood and steaks. The ambiance is elegant, making it a great choice for a fine dining experience. This restaurant is included in your fare.


Spaccanapoli brings the flavors of Naples to the high seas with its authentic Italian pizzas. Made with the freshest ingredients and baked to perfection, these pizzas are a hit among guests. Spaccanapoli is included in your fare, allowing you to enjoy delicious pizzas without any additional cost.

🛳️ Pro Tip: Order a Picnic

On Seabourn cruises, I love to request a gourmet picnic for my shore excursions. It’s not something they widely advertise, but if you ask, the crew will prepare a delicious packed meal with wine! Yummy.

Silversea's luxurious cruise ship restaurant

Accommodation & Cabins

Silversea Cruises offers some of the most luxurious accommodations at sea. All cabins are full size suites with ocean views and many offering a balcony. A private butler is assigned to the guest. The room is treated to one of three aromatherapy fragrances by celebrated Italian perfumer Laura Tonatto by personal preference. All scrumptious bed linens come from Prates. A full size tub and shower is featured in the marble bathroom. Here’s what you can expect:

All-Suite Accommodations

Every cabin on Silversea’s ships is a suite, providing ample space and elegant decor. Suites range from the generously sized Vista Suites to the opulent Owner’s Suites. The all-suite accommodations ensure that you have plenty of room to relax and enjoy your voyage.

Spacious Living Areas

The suites feature spacious living areas with sophisticated furnishings, including a sitting area with a sofa, chairs, and a table. The decor is elegant and contemporary, with a warm color palette and tasteful artwork that creates a serene and inviting atmosphere.

Private Balcony

Most suites come with private verandas, offering stunning ocean views and a perfect spot to enjoy a morning coffee or evening glass of wine. The balcony’s are furnished with comfortable seating, allowing you to take in the sea breeze and panoramic views in privacy.

Comfortable Beds

The beds in Silversea suites are designed for maximum comfort, featuring high-quality linens, plush pillows, and premium mattresses. You’ll find it easy to unwind and enjoy a restful night’s sleep after a day of exploring.

Marble Bathrooms

The bathrooms in Silversea suites are luxurious and well-appointed, with marble fixtures and premium amenities. They typically include a full-sized bathtub, separate shower, double vanity, and a selection of high-end toiletries. The spacious design and elegant finishes add to the overall sense of luxury.

Personalized Service

Each suite comes with butler service, ensuring that all your needs are met promptly and efficiently. From unpacking your luggage and making dinner reservations to serving afternoon tea in your suite, the butler service is attentive and personalized.

Additional Amenities

Suites are equipped with a range of amenities to enhance your stay, including flat-screen TVs, complimentary Wi-Fi, a stocked minibar, and luxurious bathrobes and slippers. Some suites also feature separate dining areas, walk-in closets, and additional living spaces for added comfort.

Silversea's luxurious cruise ship room

UK Ports for Departures

Silversea Cruises offers departures from several key UK ports, making it convenient for travelers who prefer to start their journey close to home. Here are the main UK ports from which Silversea Cruises departs:

  1. Southampton

    • Southampton is one of the busiest and most popular departure ports for Silversea Cruises in the UK. Located on the south coast of England, it offers excellent facilities and easy access from London and other major cities. Many of Silversea’s luxury cruises to destinations such as the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, and the Atlantic islands begin here.
  2. London (Tower Bridge and Greenwich)

    • Silversea occasionally offers departures from London, either from the iconic Tower Bridge or Greenwich. These departures provide a unique and memorable start to your cruise, with stunning views of the city’s landmarks as you sail away. Cruises from London often head to Northern Europe and the Baltic region.
  3. Dover

    • Dover, known for its white cliffs, is another departure point for Silversea Cruises. Located on the southeast coast of England, it is a convenient port for cruises to the Baltic, Norwegian fjords, and the British Isles. Dover’s modern facilities and proximity to London make it an excellent choice for travelers.
  4. Portsmouth

    • Portsmouth, with its rich maritime history, is also a departure port for Silversea Cruises. Located on the south coast of England, it offers easy access to the Channel Islands, Northern Europe, and the Mediterranean. The port’s historic dockyard and attractions add to the charm of starting your cruise here.

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