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Since their birth in the mid 1980s Windstar Cruises have been sailing with the tagline ‘180 º from Ordinary’ – one which seems highly appropriate for this company.

Created with the idea of offering passengers an alternative to the typical resort holiday or mass market cruise, Windstar’s passengers are lucky enough to see the world from a beautiful sailing ship that is equipped with luxurious accommodations, a casual yet elegant and refined atmosphere and exquisite service and delicious cuisine.

The ships are a fleet of motor-sail yachts however, they have the ability to unfurl full sails at the touch of a button. Within two minutes billowing white sails unfurl and reach skywards. Despite the beautiful sails all functions are operated from the bridge by computer micro-chips and state of the art maritime navigational devices.

One feature of that passengers love is that they have an ‘open bridge’ policy, meaning that guests are more than welcome to enter the operational bridge and learn about the inner workings of the yachts. Guests are welcomed by the captain, or his officers, who are happy to demonstrate the ships exciting capabilities.

This unique concept of sailing has meant that they have led the cruise industry in the luxury small ship category. They welcome casual attire and offer alternative dining areas.

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Championing these concepts has led to Windstar Cruises having an unrivalled reputation within the niche cruising sector which has won the allegiances of a new generation of contemporary cruise passengers.

Stunning teak decking, rich wood interiors, attentive and well trained service staff, intimate surroundings, quirky and eclectic artwork, delicious signature cuisine and an extensive and fully stocked wine list are just some of the features which passengers love about this cruise company. On board there is a massive WindSpa which offers a wide range of relaxing spa treatments as well as health and fitness programmes tailored to each individual guest.


Each of the suites on board are fully fitted to ensure comfort and relaxation. Each room offers stunning sea views, a separate sitting area, mini-bar, private bathroom with luxurious pampering toiletries and plush robes. There is also the latest technology on board including a flatscreen TV, DVD, CD player, iPod and a Bose SoundDock system.

The library on board also offers a multi-media selection of more than 500 DVD titles and compact discs available for complimentary use. This means you can chose to simply relax in the comfort of your cabin with a good movie in the evening if you’ve had a long day of explorations.

As Windstar’s ships only carry between 148 and 312 guests they exude a private yacht style atmosphere which means you can forge great friendships with other passengers and fellow sailors.

Every day on board one of these yachts sees the beginning of a new adventure and new ports of call to explore.

Your holiday comes complete with complimentary shore excursions and water sports activities which are generally available in every destination. This is perfect for all budding adventure seekers.

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