Hull Ferry

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One of the major ports in the north of England both as a leaving point for tourists on cruise holidays and also as a strategic economic point is the Port of Hull. The actual port itself has been in operation for the best part of 800 years and was a major European hub for the export of wool to the continent however in recent years it has become an important departure point for cruise and ferry holidays.

From Hull you can travel to many different destinations with Holland, Russia and Scandinavia proving to be the most popular places to go from this port.

The main operator of these itineraries is Cruise & Maritime Voyages.

However many mini cruises also encircle and stop off around the UK and Ireland as well although these tend to operated by ferry companies.


If you are considering cruising from Hull then the city is very accessible. Heading down the M62 and then the A63 if you are coming from the north (the A15 from the South) is the best way to reach the city centre where the port is easily signposted or you can get a bus from St Stephen’s shopping centre will take you straight there.

A multi-story car park as well as an open air one can be found right next to the terminal building and prices are reasonable at less than £10 per day. The port facilities are limited but do have toilets and there is a 24 hour service station and shopping facilities less than half a mile away.

If you have a few hours to spare then the Maister House is something that you should check out as it gives an insight into a merchant’s residence of the 17th century and The Ferens Art Gallery houses work from many prominent UK artists and they can all be easily reached from the port.

While the port may not be the most facility laden, a cruise from Hull benefits from being close to a vibrant city with many destinations in short reach. Being able to easily access the port is a major bonus as well and as it serves as one of the major ports, not just in the north, but in England as a whole it is easy to see why over 1 million passengers pass through the port every year.