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The port of Leith is perhaps not the most well-known on the British Isles but it is certainly important. Situated only 3 miles from Scotland’s capital Edinburgh it is an important strategic location for the whole of the country given that it acts as an economic hub for the south-east and east of the country.

The port itself is a historical one and it has been in operation for centuries proving to be a vital outlet for trade for Scotland and the UK overall. However, what about going on a cruise from Leith? Is it worthwhile and where can you actually go?

Because of its position, Leith is a great way to get to Scandinavia and Russia and these prove to be two of the most popular destinations from this port. The Norwegian Fjords are always worth seeing and you can also see the likes of Iceland, the old Viking port of Hellesylt in Norway and many other great sights around this part of the world.

Indeed, one massive advantage that leaving from Leith has is that you are only a few miles away from Edinburgh.


Often seen as the most cultured city in Scotland, Edinburgh has a rich history that dates back hundreds of years. A good idea would be to arrive in Edinburgh a day or so before you cruise ship departs to really soak up some of the atmosphere in a city that is renowned for its history and culture – the Edinburgh festival, the Castle and the infamous ghost walk around the old city are just some things to keep you entertained on your stay there.

Getting to the port is very straightforward and if you are in Edinburgh then a taxi from Edinburgh Waverly Station is the quickest and most convenient way in which to make the journey. You can also get to Waverly easily from Glasgow from both the Queen Street and Central stations.

If you are driving then take the A90 after you come off the Forth Road Bridge and take the A902 towards Leith which will be well signposted. After this come off at the A901 where the short journey to the port is straightforward and easy to navigate.

With stops in so many popular destinations as well as UK based cruises around England, Scotland and the Shetland Islands – some also make the trip to Ireland as well – then you are spoilt for choice on a cruise from this port.