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Thousands of people enjoy the many benefits of a cruise holiday every year and the majority come back with tales of satisfaction and enjoyment both in the destinations in which they travelled to and also in the service that they received while on the cruise ship itself.

However what some people have a small grievance about is the formal nature that you find on some particular cruise lines; a holiday is, after all, a time to relax and unwind from the formality of work.

What you won’t find on a Norwegian Cruise Line ship is a strict or ceremonial attitude to your holiday. They attract a great number of people every year for this very reason; there is no fixed time for dining so you can eat what you want when you want and none of the formal requirements for dress code apply either.

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In fact, this informal nature also extends to the dismemberment of the vessel and you won’t find anyone ordering you around when the ship is in port. NCL Cruises also offer a wide variety of different restaurants and bars so there is no requirement to convene in the main dining hall and end up sitting with people who you don’t know.

Perhaps the best way to describe NCL Cruises is to say that they put the emphasis on freedom; you have the freedom to do as you like on board without having to conform to any of the more traditional cruise rules and guidelines.


Another advantage that the cruise line has is that they have recently expanded their fleet.

Indeed, the Norwegian Cruise Line now has the youngest fleet of all the major cruise companies so what you will definitely be getting if you do opt to go with this company is a new, modern and fresh fleet of cruise ships that will accommodate all the modern amenities with also providing an friendly and relaxing environment that anyone can enjoy.

Perhaps one of their biggest attributes is that they are the only cruise line that currently offers holidaymakers the chance to visit and see all four of the islands of Hawaii within a 7 day cruise.

NCL Cruises are also known and popular for their worldwide journeys as well as those that travel around the America’s, Europe and Asia.

The Caribbean as well as internal North American tours that visit cities and ports such as Vancouver, New York and Boston are also available on a cruise line that prides itself on giving you one of the most relaxing and chilled out experiences of your life.

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