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The cruise industry has picked up and has grown dramatically in the past few years and it is well documented that this is down to the fact that cruise holidays themselves are not as exclusive as they used to be and the market is far more open now than it ever has been.

However, what about cruises from Liverpool? The port itself is very well known and is a popular departure point for many cruise enthusiasts although where can you actually go on a cruise from this city?

For a start we should mention how you get to the port itself. While a good piece of advice would be to stay in the city overnight because this is the best way in which you can be sure to get to your vessel in time and not have to rush to port, it is also very easy to get to the port of Liverpool itself.

The city’s Lime Street Station is connected to most of the other major cities in the UK, including London, so it is simple enough to get to and a short taxi ride will take you straight to the port or, if you are going on a cruise with Fred Olsen, a low cost coach trip to the port will be available. Another method of getting to the port is to drive: come off the motorway to the A5036 then get onto the A565 from the junction and the port itself is well signposted from here.


Where can you go to on a cruise from Liverpool though? Well the destinations that start from the city are quite diverse and it is really up to what kind of cruise holiday you are looking for. The Celtic Explorer trip is one that is always popular amongst travelers as it takes you around both Wales and Ireland as well as a stop off at St. Mary’s on the Isles of Scilly.

If you fancy something a bit further afield then look towards the Fjordland Splendour that will show the Norwegian Fjords in all their glory or perhaps you prefer a more exotic climate? In that case a trip around the Mediterranean with Spain and Portugal and a visit to Morocco as well could be more your thing.