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The prevalent image of a cruise is one of sophistication and elegance and even though many cruise lines have tried to move away from this formal nature and instead make themselves much more casual, there is still a yearning amongst many for the high life that some cruises can provide and Cunard are certainly in this category.

The company has been defining cruising since the mid 19th century however they can currently boast to having the youngest fleet on the water with the Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mary 2 all having been launched in the past few years.

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Cunard has been a roaring success recently with the amount of awards and critical acclaim that it is received: last year they won 16 awards at 11 separate ceremonies including Cruise Line of the Year at the British Travel Awards and Best Cruise Company from the Daily Telegraph Ultratravel Awards.

However, what kind of service can you get with Cunard cruises that justifies all these accolades?


As we have already mentioned, the focus on these cruises is very much on elegance and relaxation. All the ships have numerous swimming pools, a fantastic selection of bars and restaurants to choose from, spa treatments, a theatre, film screenings and a casino. So there is certainly enough to keep even the most restless of people occupied on board these liners.

Dinner and evening entertainment is where Cunard really shines and it is all about looking your best and mingling with the other passengers on the ship; on a 7 night cruise aboard a Cunard vessel you will usually have 3 strictly formal evenings, two that are semi-formal and another two for casual wear.

The cruise line has also gained much recognition for its shore excursions. For all the focus that is directed to what is on the ship, much of the emphasis on your holiday is geared towards seeing the places that you are visiting and Cunard offers some enthralling excursions.

These will be organised by the cruise line however you can go it alone if you wish and explore by yourself – something that many people do prefer.

If it is elegance and sophistication that you are after then Cruising with Cunard would be a very good choice.

Whether it is the black tie and ball room dress dinners, the cigar lounge or the entertainment at night, this cruise line certainly offers a classy but relaxed break away and the amount of awards that the company has won in recent years is certainly testament to this.

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