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When we picture a cruise liner then we conjure up the image of the massive ship that holds thousands of passengers and that has everything on board from swimming pools,to cinema’s and driving ranges etc…

Indeed, many of the modern liners are like this however there are an equal number that cater for the more personalised holiday and Fred Olsen Cruises are one of these.

For many people having countless numbers of activities on board as well as being on the same ship as thousands of other people is something that they crave however it is not for everyone and sometimes people go on a cruise holiday in order to relax in serenity and comfort.

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One benefit that Fred Olsen Cruises have and something that you do not often get on some of the bigger ships is that you have a much better chance of bonding with fellow passengers especially if the size of the liner itself is quite small.

In fact, what many people have been commenting on is that, with these cruise liners, you actually forge some very strong friendships and that holiday makers often meet up time and time again on a Fred Olsen cruising holiday.

At the end of the day what do you really want from a cruise holiday? Relaxation, a place to meet new people and also the chance to see some sights that you would not normally get the chance to view. This is what you get on these cruise liners and it is much more catered towards an intimate setting that allows you to go at your own pace while providing all the amenities and services that you need.


In fact, it is not just the passengers that form friendships on this basis and, as a spokesman for Fred Olsen stated: “We find people age into our product, rather than us having to adapt to a new demographic. What appeals to our customers is familiarity; our officers and crew are all long-serving, and many long-term friendships – both between passengers and between passengers and crew – are forged on our ships.”

The company has, however, had to alter some of its regulations on board such as smoking as this is now banned in all the indoor areas although there are outside sections where it is permitted.

In an age when cruise companies are becoming larger and larger – owing to the cheap nature of these getaways now and that more people can now afford a cruise – companies such as Fred Olsen are keeping a human face, so to speak, on the cruise business and while they are certainly not the largest cruise company in the market today many would argue that they are the most welcoming and friendliest of the lot.

If it is an intimate setting that you are after with a relaxing break and the chance to explore new places and meet new people then this liner is your best choice in a time when cruise ships are becoming larger, more corporate and much more distant to many people.

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