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Questions about entertainment on a cruise holiday are among the most commonly asked. What is there to do besides bask in the sun, eat, and relax in your cabin?

One of the things that cruise ships are most famous for are their options for entertainment.

Whether you want to see an old classic, a newly released film, or just some silly old cartoons that you used to watch as a kid, most cruise ships have this entertainment option.


Cruise ship entertainment isn’t all about watching movies or people on a screen. There are also comedy shows that sometime boast famous comedians, or even newly discovered talents. These comedy shows are always a barrel of laughs, and sometimes the cruise line uses this entertainment to bring in the bulk of their sales.

Variety shows are also a popular choice for entertainment. These shows are given in a large theater within the ship, and may feature Broadway classics, dancing, the latest talents, puppetry, and more.

Most ships offer entertainment in the form of singing. Many entertainers with great voices will awe guests with their talents in vocals as well as piano. Some ships even offer karaoke, allowing guests to get up on stage themselves to have a night of fun. Some singers have bands on board as well, and usually play favorite classics in country, rock and roll, and other such genres.

Game shows are also a part of ship entertainment. Guests may be able to participate or mimic their favorite game shows such as Wheel of Fortune, Hollywood Squares, Jeopardy, and more. Prizes may be offered for this particular option, making these game shows extremely sought after.

Some cruise lines offer Talent Shows as well. In some cases, the crew of the ship may participate in the shows to give guests a view of what other talents they possess besides running a well-maintained ship. Guests may also be able to participate, whether they have a talent in comedy, singing, dancing, or juggling.

So whether you are looking for a quiet night with the family watching movies, a night full of hilarious antics by comedians, watching a variety of talent, or listening to popular songs from a well-versed singer, most cruise ships have it all.