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There are a multitude of reasons why cruise holidays are the perfect holiday choice for people who are travelling solo. Friendly cruise passengers, high safety levels and plenty of entertainment and group activities are just a few of the reasons why cruises are wonderfully suited for those travelling alone. Read the comments below.

Solo Cruising

If you’ve ever been on a cruise holiday before you’ll agree with me when I say how much friendlier people seem to be on a cruise.

People are always striking up conversations with those around them, whether they’re in a queue for an elevator, sitting next to you in the casino, in a bar or whilst enjoying some entertainment in the evening. Because people are friendly and talkative it’s easy to strike up new friendships with fellow cruise passengers.

bar friends

You will also have the option of dining with other cruise passengers on board at meal times and especially in the evening for dinner. When you book your cruise holiday, with the majority of cruise lines you will be asked what size of table you would like to eat you evening meal at, if you pick the fixed dining option.

This would see you seated at a table with the same people and the same waiters every night of your cruise holiday. This can be the perfect opportunity to make friends, chat to new people and generally enjoy your holiday in good company. Perfect for those who might be travelling alone, but who don’t want to be lonely.


There is also the safety aspect to consider when thinking of booking a cruise holiday. If you are otherwise reluctant to travel alone without the reassurance of being with other people then a cruise could be the answer.

On board safety and security of guests is always of paramount importance. You needn’t feel intimidated or at risk when on board or during ship organised shore excursions as you will always be with other people and security officers are always working on board.

If you are travelling alone and wouldn’t decide to go to a traditional land based holiday resort for fear you might become bored of the usual monotonous holiday entertainment then a cruise would provide the perfect alternative.

Cruise holidays offer a plethora of entertainment options available including Broadway style stage shows, casinos, live music, dancing, nightclubs, numerous bars and much more to enjoy in the evening.

During the day there are also dance classes, art classes and events, culinary shows, swimming pools and Jacuzzis, podium talks, destination talks and much more. There’s definitely something to keep every cruise passenger occupied throughout their holiday.

entertainment options

So, with all of these reasons why cruise holidays can be perfect for the solo travellers out there, what are you waiting for? Why not book a cruise holiday and find out for yourself how great they can be!  

Have you cruised alone before? If so we would like to hear your comments below.

Thanks Emma