No Fly Cruises

New York

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To save time and money and to make traveling more convenient, many people book their cruise on a cruise only basis. This means that their cruise leaves from a port that is close to home, eliminating the need for booking flights.

When the economy is suffering, a cruise holiday without the need for flights allows you to take your holiday without spending money on sky-high airfares as well as charges for luggage.

These types of cruises are also much more convenient and take some of the pressure out of travelling.

Avoiding the ever more complicated security at the airports is a blessing in itself, but add to it not having to worry about your suitcases arriving when you do, and the stress of a late flight possibly causing you to miss the ship’s time of departure, and no fly cruising can make a big difference on your stress levels!


More and more people are choosing no fly cruising. This is particularly true in the UK where travellers can choose from a range of regional ports. Travel time by car to a cruise port in the UK can take as little as one to two hours and generally much less than a day. It is easy to find cruises of any length. For instance, from Southampton enjoy three-day breaks to places like Belgium or longer two week itineraries to the Mediterranean for instance.

A number of European countries like Italy, France and Spain also have cruise ports that are easily accessible by car. Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland have convenient ports as well. From these ports you can take exciting holidays to places like the Baltic, the Mediterranean, and the Canary Islands.

While not as easy to carry out in the United States, it is still possible to take no fly cruises from the East and West coasts as well as the Gulf of Mexico. There are a number of ports that can be easily travelled to by car. On the east coast, you can cruise from New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Virginia, and Florida.

California offers sailings from San Diego and Los Angeles to places like Hawaii, Vancouver, and Alaska. Galveston, Texas as well as the Florida ports offers cruises to Bermuda and the Caribbean.

If you want to take a cruise but avoid all the stress and frustrations that often accompany air travel, check into those that depart from ports near your home. Long-term parking is usually offered at the cruise terminals. Start your holiday off right with a relaxing drive that allows you to determine what time you arrive at your ship.